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Beginning this fall. Scheduling is flexible depending on participants needs.

Mysticism and Practice in World Religions
Indian saint Sri Ramakrishna said, “There are some who have heard of sugar, some who have tasted sugar, and some who can go and eat it whenever they like.” This “sugar” is spiritual reality, directly encountered and minutely described by mystics throughout the ages. Discover the surprisingly similar stories and ‘road maps’ left by these pioneers of the unseen worlds. (2 hours)

The Honey of Islam
The timeless wisdom of the sufis is a vast country that embraces rivers of knowledge, fountains of ecstasy, and gardens of peace and beauty. As an antidote to the dry or violent distortions of Islam that fill the news, experience the rich and life-giving mystical tradition of the Islamic sufis through stories, poetry, humor, historical background, and a hands-on encounter with the traditional ceremony of music, movement and prayer that is zikr, the “Remembrance of God”. (2 hours)

Muslim Love and Sufi Laughter
While many know the wonderful writings of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, far fewer in the west know the wisdom, beauty and humor found in wider Islam and Islamic sufism. Discover surprising stories from the Qur'an, the Prophet Muhammad and sufi teachers, ancient and modern. (2 hours)

Voices on the Waves: A Multicultural Comedy/Drama in Two Acts
A "cruise director" from Southside Chicago with a talent for Arabic, a British CEO with a taste for Kipling, a sociology professor from India, a French fashion designer, an old hippie fresh off the psychedelic bus and assorted Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Christians and Buddhists—stuck on a lifeboat in the middle of the nowhere, they’re helped out by guiding spirits from three world religions and a television interviewer with the sensitivity of Donald Duck. When you're up the creek without a paddle, what's to do but argue about politics and religion? Well, there's a gun on board, a lot of booze, an enlightened saint and some pretty good singers . . . Available for interactive workshop or performance.

Karima Bushnell (Karima Ashki Nur) comes from a multicultural background and spent decades as an intercultural relations trainer creating experiential, research-based explorations of the borderlands between cultures and ways to bridge them. She has taught at Metro State, University of St. Thomas and Antioch Weekend College and has published articles and exercises. She is co-author of "Cultural Detective: Islam", an in-depth training currently in use world-wide, and her play, Voices on the Waves, was performed by Christians, Jews and Muslims as part of the 2007 "Celebrating Interfaith Peace Work Around the World" in Duluth. She now directs the Light Upon Light Sufi Center and acts as khalifa (representative) for the Circle of Ishq (Divine Love), part of the Nur Ashki Jerrahi sufi order.

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Wednesdays7-8:30pm — Ruhaniat Dervish Class
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