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We re-opened in June for combined in-person and online events.
Our zikrs and Arabic classes are ongoing.

Please see below for how to attend zikrs or other events online.

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We follow the principle that “there are as many ways to God as there are human souls.” We move in two directions: horizontally outward to embrace wider and wider visions of community among all beings, and vertically toward the heights of Divine Awareness and the depths of Inner Reality (which are one and the same). Friends within our community walk many paths: traditional and modern Sufism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, the Red Road of the Native Americans, and more. Our common thread is participation in Divine Reality, the living landscape of the soul and spirit, which includes this beautiful Earth and all authentic sacred paths. Everyone welcome – any culture, color, gender, orientation, nation, religion! We will embrace you.



Sufism is both the mystical inner tradition of Islam and the aquifer of spiritual depth that exists beneath the surface of life, taking different forms in different times, places and cultures.The dervish, or Sufi student, is a door between the worlds – the inner and the outer, the seen and the Unseen, the self and the Self. Inshallah (God willing), our Center is also such a doorway.

Zikr (also spelled dhikr). The Sufi Ceremony of Divine Remembrance: Sitting, standing, and moving circles of music and prayer invite ecstasy as souls meet beyond personality. Our zikrs flow from the traditional practice of the mystics of Turkey, India, and the Middle East. People of all religions and traditions are welcome.

Would you like to see a table of the Names? For condensed explanations of each, boiled down from descriptions in Physicians of the Heart, as well as short translations and pronunciations, click here or on the image to the right.

Sources are given in a sidebar, as well as some information about pronunciation.

One of the greatest treasures in Islam/Sufism is the presence of the Asma al-Husna, the 99 Beautiful Names of God, which are found in the Qur’an. Actually there are more than 99, but where 100 would symbolize and telegraph completeness, the use of 99 implies that there is always more, that Divine Names are infinite. These are far more than just names: they are the qualities and attributes of Allah, which also make up the universe and our own interior and exterior worlds. Various Sufi teachers and lineages have made slightly different collections of the Names over the centuries, some of which have been translated. Physicians of the Heart is surely the most complete, in-depth and detailed collection available in English.

The aspects of God found in other world religions are here also – and more. God can be encountered in any of these aspects: as the Guide, the Evolver, the Protecting Friend, the Beautiful, the Subduer, the Forgiver, the Light, the Subtle, the Responsive, the Alive, the Gatherer and many more. Like the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah, like the Buddhist picture of compassionate and wrathful deities — like other schematics of the multiverse seen from different points of view — the Names of Allah include the balancing of opposite Names. So, we find the First and the Last, the Manifest and the Hidden, the Constrictor and the Expander, the Delayer and the Expediter. Each Name can be encountered within the teaching and testing that is our life, our path, as we meet and melt into Divine Being, the Consciousness within every consciousness.

Aramaic Words of Jesus Based on the work of Dr. Neal Douglas-Klotz and his seminal book, Prayers of the Cosmos, these practices and Dances use the words of Jesus in Aramaic, the language in which Jesus spoke and taught.

SCHEDULE                                                                      Full Calendar – Click HERE        All Times in Central Daylight Time

Tuesdays:  7:00pm – 8:30pm  – Nur Ashki Jerrahi Zikr, Live & on Zoom.

Wednesdays:  7:00pm – 8:30pm  Chisti/Ruhaniat Dervish Class (Zikr) Live & on Zoom.

Fridays: 5:30pm – 7:30 pm – Level 1 beginning Arabic  (in progress)

Saturdays: 3:00pm – 5:00 pm – Level 2 beginning Arabic  (in progress)

Events & Announcements

Zikrs now combine virtual and in-person attendance

Vaccination is required to come in person. (One unvaccinated person can come per gathering by pre-arrangement.) Anyone planning to attend in person please contact Karima.

Online Attendance: the Process

We use Zoom, and there’s nothing to download. To attend one or more Tuesday Jerrahi and/or Wednesday Ruhaniat zikrs, let us know by EMAILING US HERE. Because zikr is a profound experience, we do a light one-time screening to protect the space, so tell us a few words about your spiritual journey and why you’re interested and we’ll send you either or both links.

To join our Arabic class, or any other classes held in future, REGISTER HERE. (There is no screening for non-zikr classes and events.) To keep up with changes and new events, please ask to receive the newsletter.

Free Introductory Arabic Language and Calligraphy Classes

A new beginning language class is contemplated for the early August. Beginning classes are in progress: 1st Level, Fridays 5:30pm – 7:30pm, 2nd level, Saturdays, 3:00pm – 5:00pm. Those with some prior knowledge may be able to join a current class.

Calligraphy for Arabic Speakers – Private lessons can be arranged.  

Karima says, “Master teacher Ali is vastly experienced and passionately dedicated to our success. It’s exciting to see old Sufi friends and others learning Arabic! Private lessons are also an option, and I’m doing that too.” Two hour classes, with extra help available, are $100 per month, possibly less in a hardship situation. Contact Ustadh Ali for questions at or (505) 500-2308. To register contact Karima.

Our Message to You

We’re back! And we love you!

In the Love and Light of Allah: Ya Wadood, ya Nur, ya Hafiz! Oh Love, oh Light, oh Protector,
Hakim and Karima

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