Based on the work of Dr. Neal Douglas-Klotz and his seminal book Prayers of the Cosmos, we offer our zikr practices and Dances of Universal Peace using the words of Jesus in the language in which Jesus spoke and taught, Aramaic.

Languages have built-in assumptions; the assumptions of Aramaic are very different than the assumptions of Greek. Aramaic is good at multi-leveled meaning; Greek is good for analysis and fitting things into systems of names.  When approaching the words of Jesus, translating directly from Aramaic into English has clear advantages for those who wish direct experience of the person of Jesus and through him, the experience of Divine Source.

“When I do the Aramaic Words of Jesus – grace just rains down.”            ~John Hakim

Jewish mystics of the time of Jesus would intone, recite, chant, or sing sacred phrases to come to the hidden inner meaning held in the sacred phrase or piece of scripture. We use this ancient method with the words of Jesus in Aramaic, beginning with the Lord’s Prayer; with the words of the Torah in Hebrew; and with the words of the Qur’an in Arabic. Dr. Neal Douglas-Klotz (pictured right) has referred to this as the approach of the native middle-eastern mystic. One’s experience can be that Divine Source is as available now as it was in the time of the biblical prophets.

Quote or Heading

“Souls know how to swim in Divine Light.” – Shaykh Nur al-Jerrahi